Wheeling Wheelmen
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  • Memberships expire annually in March.
  • Memberships created after September 1st are valid through the following year.
  • We have two options for Membership Registration
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    2. Option 2 - Paper Registration
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  • In order to reduce printing and mailing costs, we will email the newsletter to the email adress that has been entered below. However if you prefer to have a hardcopy of the newsletter mailed to you then send an email to wheeling@wheelmen.com with the request.

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IWe hereby agree to operate my bicycle in a manner that is safe to me and those around me, to observe all Rules of the Road, and conduct myself in a manner that will be complimentary to the sport. I release and waive all claims for negligence against the Wheeling Wheelmen, its officers and members for all damages incurred at or associated with any Wheeling Wheelmen activity for myself, my heirs and executors.

 IWe have read and accept the waiver above.

Option 2 - Paper Registration

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If you do not want to register on-line, then download the membership form by clicking here.

Complete the form and mail it with payment (make the check out to 'Wheeling Wheelmen') to:

Wheeling Wheelmen
P. O. Box 7304
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-7304